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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 13, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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whole lives an the sad reality is you get slapped in the face all the time. you got to get tough. >> not too hello. everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome inside a brand-new hour of inside america's news headquarters. we have all kind of insight. >> it's america's news headquarters. good to see you. i'm eric shawn. senators bought more time by approving a temporary spending plan to keep doors of the government open at least for now. >> thousands of people take to the streets in our nation's capitol and right here in new york and other cities to protest deadly police shootings. they're calling for the government it step up. we have a live report.
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new products claim to be healthier for us all, even brands that have been around for years. but are they really better for our bodies? we'll tell you coming up. we're going to start with the high drama playing out right now on capitol hill. a shutdown avoid after senators approve a five-day measure to fund government through wednesday. as they struggle to find middle ground, enough to pass a trillion dollars spending plan, there has been anger and name calling, we're told, as frustration boils over. unless a deal is made shortly, a procedural vote is expected in a few hours at 1 a.m a deal was imminent last night until senators on the right upset the apple cart. mike emmanuel live on the hill. no shutdown. >> harry reid quickly brought up
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a deal to fund the government through wednesday night. it quickly passed. we moved on from that. but earlier in the day, reid expressed some frustration and sounded irritated. >> we worked for a long time yesterday into the late hours of the night trying to secure an agreement to vote on long-term government funding bill. i was last talking to the chairman of the proportions committee. gettably, small group of senate republicanses have said it's in their interest to hold this hostage. >> reporter: reid and the senate have been using this time to get the ball rolling on some of president obama's nominees for surgeon general, immigration and customs enforcement, and social security commissioner. nominees are critically important because when a new congress comes in in january, democrats will be in the minority. it will be harder to get them through. >> you mentioned democrats. what arguments are conservatives
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making during this squabble? >> reporter: essentially what we heard from some conservatives in the house, which is that they should be doing everything possible to try and stop president obama's executive action on immigration. mike lee, republican from utah, is a key player on that. >> the american people have grave concerns with the president's decision to take action unilaterally with regard to executive amnesty. this is an action that is rather unprecedented and rather unsupported by the law. >> reporter: so after that, harry reid said fine, everybody is coming to work on saturday. some senators are already on planes out of town had to come back. but they're doing this votearama and we will see if they have the procedural vote around 1 a.m. >> thank you very much. thousands are protesting in the streets on this saturday in several cities across the
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country. they are continuing to express their ager and calls for action after several recent high profile case, including eric garner and michael brown grand jury decisions and calling on congress to take legislative action in these cases. bryan llenas is live with the details. >> reporter: hi. dubbed the millions march nyc protest, tens of thousands of people marching in manhattan today calling for an end to police brutality, institutional racism, and mass incarceration of minorities. look at these aerial shots. dozens of city blocks of protesters began marching at 2:00 p.m. from washington square park heading north to midtown on 32nd street. they then marched south and they ended the protest at downtown at one police plaza. that's the headquarters for the new york police department. the protesters are demanding justice for eric garner and michael brown works black men killed by white cops who were not indicted by grand jury,
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while also demanding justice for a 28-year-old shot by a hpd cop last month and a 12-year-old boy shot by police officers in cleveland, ohio, while holding a toy gun. now, the protesters shouting hands up, don't shoot, black lives matter. and these racist cops have got to go, calling it a national day of resistance. organizers are demanding an indictment of daniel panatleo, the officer ho killed eric garner, and the creation of an independent prosecutor's office to handle police misconduct and the firing of nypd police commissioner bill bratton. leading the protests were the families of victims of unarmed black men killed, including ron davis, who spoke to me. he's the father of jordan davis, 17-year-old shot and killed by a white man for playing loud music in a florida gas station. >> we don't want to lose our family members in vain. so this is how we show the love of our community and our family members to come out and help
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them protest and make changes to america. >> reporter: organizers had about 50 protests in 50 cities organized. in new york city, there have been no arrests, incidents or injuries. >> all right. thanks so much for that. eric holder deciding not to force a "new york times" reporter to reveal his confidential source. james ricin has been fighting to avoid contempt of court and possible jail time for refusing to give up a source used in his 2006 book. he may have to testify in an upcoming national security case. molly henneberg has the story from odc bureau. >> reporter: a federal judge had given the justice department until tuesday to decide if their prosecutors would compel james ricin to reveal his confidential sources or face jail time. now eric holder, who has stated previously that he would not jail a reporter for doing his or
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her job has reportedly decided against that option. risen has decided he would rather go to jail and said the obama administration turned this case into a, quote, showdown over the first aimed. >> there is just -- amendment. >> there is just no way to conduct aggressive investigative reporting without a reporter's privilege of some kind, without confidential sources, and i don't believe you can have a democracy out aggressive investigative reporting and without freedom in the press. >> reporter: justice department prosecutors say former c.i.a. officer jeffrey sterling leaked information toriesen about the c.i.a. blowing the cover-up, some of its iranian agents in iran during the clinton administration and that risen used that information in his 2006 book. sterling's lawyer said in the statement, quote, if the result is that the attorney general decides not to issue a subpoena,
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meaning a subpoena to risen compelling him to reveal his source, that his department of justice fought for to the supreme court, three years of mr. sterling's life has been wasted. he could still be called to testify in the trial, but won't have to name confidential source names. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. now to a situation out west. it has been a wild weekend in california. they've been cleaning up after one of the worst storms in california in years. of a five inches of rain fell in southern california that sparked land slides, minor flooding and even a dramatic rescue. will carr is live in our west coast news room with the very latest. what's been going on in southern california. >> reporter: as much as parts of the west coast needed the rain, there was a lot of damage and two people ended up dying in the storm system up in oregon. some people down here in california, in los angeles, actually thought there might
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have have been been earthquake during the nidle of all this rain. what it was, was small tornado in south los angeles. one resident actually got video of that tornado on his cell phone. ended up ripping the roof off one home, damaged numerous others. nobody was hurt. according to, this is the first tornado in los angeles since 2004. the national weather service classified it as an ef-0, with winds between 65 and 85 miles per hour. check out this water spout. a tornado over the water. jason coker and his girlfriend got the great shot just off newport beach, south of l.a. yesterday afternoon, saying you could see the funnel come straight out of the sky. earlier in the day, the storms created huge mud slides, sending rock and debris flowing downhill side with little to know vegetation on the hillside due to recent wildfires. camarillo spring, mud piled up ten feet high, almost up to roof tops. in the process, dozens of homes were damaged, and at least ten
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had to be red tagged. >> when the door slammed shut, i knew there was two feet of mud behind me. and the front window blew out. so i knew we had a complete flow of mud and water going through the house completely. >> reporter: heavy rainfall caused severe flooding throughout the region, forcing firefighters to conduct several swift water rescues. the storms also knocked out power for tens of thousands of residents along the west coast. there was more than just rain, snow blanketed parts of the sierra nevada mountains, creating whiteout conditions and building the california's snow pack, which can help out with the drought. all of the storm system called the pineapple express. it's when moisture comes from the pacific tropic into the west coast. experts say that we would need many more storms like this throughout the winter that this storm system only made a minor dent in california's historical three-year drought. >> they said there were trillions of gallons of water that fell during the rain.
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hope they clean it up. thanks. eric, they are digging out in vermont and trying to get the lights back on for two days now, mother nature has pound the state with heavy, wet snow, knocking out power for tens of thousands of homes. more than 13,000 are still in the dark. officials say it could take at least the rest of the weekend to get everything and everyone up and running again. the governor urging people to reach out to neighbors who may have spent several days without power. turning overseas, wave of violence in afghanistan, leaving 20 people dead, including two american soldiers who were attacked. the taliban taking credit for all the bloodshed. john huddy has more from uremia's bureau. >> reporter: two u.s. soldiers were killed when their military convoy was attacked in afghanistan late yesterday. today at least 19 people had been killed in afghanistan by
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taliban insurgents who warned that the violence will increase as the international military effort comes to an end. this is all that was left of a bus destroyed by a suicide bomber in kabul. six afghan soldiers killed, at least 14 others wounded. this man described two afghan soldiers badly injured and bleeding, jumping out of the burning bus. in another attack today in kabul, two gunmen shot to death an afghan supreme court official who was walking to his car. the violence continued in other parts of the country. in southern afghanistan, taliban insurgents killed 12 workers who were clearing mines. dozens of others were injured in that attack. the violence is growing in afghanistan, as the international military effort comes to an end. a week after u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel was in kabul, germany's defense minister was there today. she says afghan forces are
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prepared to take over security responsibilities. the u.s. will leave about 10,800 troops in a noncombat role to advise, assist and train those afghan soldiers. nato forces will remain on the ground as well. but again, the taliban warns the attacks will continue, in particular on government officials, military forces, and foreigners, including the media. eric? >> thanks so much. the big question is, are we maintaining a proper time line for our troops in afghanistan? is there ever a right time to leave? we will tackle those questions and more coming up when we talk to a form spokesman for four united states ambassadors to the united nations. angelina jolie is a no show at several events promoting her new movie. now in a new video, she's explaining to fans why she's staying home itching instead. plus, some republicans going around their leadership to push a more conservative agenda. why this type of revolt in the
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it's an itchy situation for actress angelina jolie after she has to cancel attending several events for her upcoming movie "unbroken." >> i just wanted to be clear and honest about why i will be missing the "unbroken" events in the next few days. i found out last night that i have chicken pox. >> so making that video to explain why she'll be skipping out on events, including the film's hollywood premiere. she has the chicken pox. her video comes days after an e-mail conversation between sony pictures co-chairman and hollywood producers scott rudden. they came to light in which rudden calls angelina jolie a, quote, minimally talented spoiled brat. they both apologized for the e-mails. while there is high drama on capitol hill tonight, the government shutdown is averted
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at least for now. let's look at the senate floor. that's where they passed five-day temporary spending bill that's aimed at funding the government at least through wednesday. after that, who knows? that after a more permanent deal unraveled last night. ted cruz and mike lee with -- with they bypassed mitch mccontinental. demanding bills that president obama's executive order be removed. there was newfound opposition by the reenergized liberals in the democratic party. they've a had a white house shutdown. some wondering, is there a revolt in both parties? tammy bruce and our other guest joins us now. welcome. tammy, you got this newfound life, then you got cruz leading the charge against immigration on one side. elizabeth warren on the other side leading against the big banks. what does this mean for
3:20 pm
the final two years of the obama administration? >> i think it's very exciting for both parties. at the same time, you've got to deal with whether or not these are people in the form of cruz and mike lee and elizabeth warren, if this is just all show boating. but they also have an opportunity to show whether or not they can actually organize, if they can make a difference. it's also an opportunity for the parties themselves to be able to show the american people what they really stand for at this point because at this stage, this governing by crisis where it's always waiting until the last minute, it's almost like they need an intervention. we've got to have a van pull up to congress to take them to the rehab center because we've got to get something done. we haven't had a budget for six years. warren is an interesting individual. we'll see what she's really capable of. ted cruz up to this point has just, well, he really hasn't been able to persuade or organize. but maybe this is the time he'll be able to do it. >> they'll need a big paddy wagon. short of an intervention,
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elizabeth warren, that's causing a lot of ripples in the democratic party and in your party and the liberal wing. and the white house, fromly, probably doesn't like it. >> you know, these guys cannot win for losing. leadership has finally come together and now rank and file are coming apart. what can you do? i'm hopeful because i see good faith in these leaders coming together and seeking to keep the government running. but i don't want to see the people run over. i think the devil and really god is in the details. we've got to look at these $300 million that will be removed from the student pell grant program and p hundred million dollars -- $300 million that will go to the collectors. we have to look at the military, as we look at them, no one is talking about raising the wages of personnel. i think i'm very concerned about the gutting of dodd frank, banking regulations matter. we can not put the american people in peril again. but i have to congratulate the president, speaker boehner, senators reid and mcconnell
3:22 pm
for coming together in this transpartisan evident because it's not a bipartisan effort. this is funding for the american people and i agree with miss bruce. i hope that we don't have to have an intervention. i hope it is not like some addiction, but it seems like we're stuck on crises. we've got to get over that. >> you just said kind of the magic words i don't think everyone would expect, reid and boehner coming together. what can hoop -- or the white house will be standing there. did the president use the telephone pleading, actually pleading his case to his fellow democrats. >> i think is really -- we have to rise above party. this is not about partisanship, as i just said. this is about the country. you've got students who need relief. you have the homeless who need relief. you have government workers who are on pins and needles
3:23 pm
wondering if they might get paid after wednesday. i'm so glad to see senators reid and mcconnell come together. they should have done that a long time ago thaws is what we need. i mean, i think we do need an intervention. i think the american people need to weigh in. i hope they will call their senators and congress people on monday and request that they pass this budget. but also don't run over the american people. we need our needs met. >> tammy, you got five days. this goes through wednesday. wednesday night, are we going to be back looking over the cliff? >> this bill is 1600 pages long. it means there is a lot of secrets in it. no one has been able to read it. miss jackson's notes, the things she knows is in it and isn't in it. they hope by governing by crisis that no one will have time to see or to read or to know what they're doing. one of the big things that they supposedly have gained is the
3:24 pm
taking off the creeling when it comes to campaign donations. because the gop was worried about finances for the 2016 campaign. in this kind of a process, you guys, it is the american people who lose automatically. there is a reason why so many people were fired on november 4. because we're tired of this absurdity. we need a budget. we need cool deliberation and a transparent process that boehner promised that we are not getting. we got somebody like frankly mia love coming in as a republican in the house. how about mia love for speaker of the house for a change? if the gop is serious about showing america that it is willing to really make change and to get something done that was serious, let's -- it's about not just leadership coming together. they've clearly left their base alone. it seems like both warren and cruz have been left out of any discussions. this is about governing, you guys.
3:25 pm
it looks like nobody in either party is willing to do that and i think in january, we're going to have a chance to make another deal. >> i want to make a point when you said that they haven't read this bill. since when did that stop them from voting on something? remember obamacare? z is going to read 1600 pages? >> think we'll have a better time at the beginning of the new year with the republicans in both houses? >> i think if the people weigh in, if they weigh in, i don't care what party is in charge, i want the people to win. i think there is a way for the most prosperous country on earth, for big business to win, for big people to win, for little people to win. i'm anxious for that to happen of the but the americans have to understand that your involvement in this process cannot end in the voting booth. you got to call and get involved. >> we see the protests in the street and people are getting involved, maybe we'll have something a little different next year. >> i'm voting for tammy bruce. >> i'm voting for you. >> oh, no, no, don't do that to me. >> stay here. we need someone who is sane to
3:26 pm
deal with these people and analyze it. thank you so much. >> god bless you. merry christmas, everybody. >> thank you. listen to this one, a florida couple awarded more tha] $1 million after receiving unrelentless phone calls from bank of america. the couple sued the bank under the telephone consumer protection act after they received over 700 collection always over four years. they said the bank started calling them after they got behind on their mortgage payments. bank of america asked the court to reconsider the award, but the judge rejected the appeal. there has been a desperate search for some survivors after there was a massive landslide that wiped out more than 100 homes. we'll fill you in. we've been reporting about the situation in afghanistan. we're supposed to leave at some point, but we've been seeing a spike in attacks, even a
3:27 pm
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spiriva helps me breathe better. sfx: blowing sound. does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. a deadly string of attacks rock afghanistan, leaving around 20 people dead, including two american soldiers. this all happening as the u.s.-led combat mission draws to a close. begging the question, is this the right time for us to leave? joining me now is rick ranell, former spokesman for four u.s. ambassadors. good to see you. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. >> i want to start with those images we just saw. when you see a rise in such attacks, how do you answer the question, is this the right time to leave? if the terror groups, like the taliban, isis, also know the drawdown plans, how do they plan and strategize?
3:32 pm
what we have in afghanistan is we're going to have some sort of forced level there, which is good. but as you point out, we've actually announced the drawdown. so the taliban knows exactly what's coming. they know thediç  international assistance force, including the americans, are going to beh,ic r the next months and years, drawing our presence way down. that's not a good thing. the other thing that's happening is the -- they're really testing the new afghanistan government as well as the american resolve. what i'm hearing inside the american embassy in kabul is beginning to go into the cities and really test our capabilities. what we need to be able to do is coordinate with the afghans so that there is some sort of air support. we can provide air support, not necessarily support on the ground, but having a presence there, doing the air support, i
3:33 pm
think combined with what the afghans can do can really create a more comprehensive strategy and that's what we need inside afghanistan. >> what's the ploy to go in the cities? >> well, right now they're going into the cities because the weather has been unusually nice and usually the taliban is already inside pakistan? the hills. but they're not there. they're staying in and around the city and they're just on the march. so what they're trying to do is to get more territory, test or resolve to make sure that as we draw down, we're also not completely withdrawing our presence inside afghanistan. we need to be working with the afghans, again, providing air support, not necessarily boots on the ground, that are going from house to house. >> so they're kind of play ago game to see what our next move is, if we're pulling out the troops, then what's left behind in terms of defense, in terms of what we might -- >> they're testing us, much like they were doing in iraq.
3:34 pm
without a status of forces agreement what, we really have in iraq is a recognition by the terrorists there that we're done. we're pulling out, and the place is yours. so what we want to do in afghanistan is while we're there, still have a comprehensive strategy that shows we have resolve. we'll get in the airplanes and use our air capability if we have to while we work with the afghan troops. >> you're usually in touch with state department officials. what are you hearing from them in terms of this strategy and just the -- i guess the whole idea of the international defense -- well, the international defense we have in place. >> the international force i think is losing its resolve and beginning to pull out as well. so what we really need is the president and the national security council to make it clear that all of the work that we've done in afghanistan, all
3:35 pm
of the sacrifice and all of the money that we've put forward is not in vain. what we want to be able to do is as we have a smaller, tighter presence at a base inside afghanistan, that we also, though, have the resolve to go out and do what's necessary. i think if we show that leadership, we can get others to follow and that's exactly what needs to happen. >> okay. i want to talk about this. switch gears. the senate intelligence committee, they released a report about the e.i.t.s that are used by the c.i.a. officials. okay? this is drawing a lot of reaction, strong reaction from the international community with -- i wanted to ask you,,d:y u.n. officials on record, that bush and c.i.a. officials should be prosecuted for torture. i want to hear your reaction. >> you know exactly what my reaction is going to be. this is typical u.n. stuff. when i was there, they always want to blame america first for
3:36 pm
everything. however, when there is a crisis, they want to rush to america and make sure that we're giving much leadership as possible. but in this particular instance, it's really hard to swallow when you have russians and chinese lecturing us about human rights problems. let's just say the russians shot down a passenger jet inside ukraine and now are trying to play the moralréoí equivalency . they're trying to say, well, we make mistakes and you make mistakes and it's all the same. i think what needs to happen is the senate democrats who issued this report need to recognize that it's being manipulated around the world. they need to stand up and talk about the u.s. exceptionalism. they need o say look, we may have problems, but it's not a policy problem. it was an implementation problem. and we will always be able to talk about our problems and fix them immediately. it's not an institutional problem like what you have.
3:37 pm
it's not denying citizens on a daily basis freedom of the press, freedom to congregate. it's all those issues that the chinese have and we need to be able to speak very clearly. when there is silence from the white house on these issues, then our opponents and our enemies get to fill that silence with some really bad information, some propaganda that will harm us for a very long time. so i think the senate democrats have the responsibility to stand up. they're the ones who offered this political report. they need to give it more context. otherwise we're going to suffer internationally. >> okay. rick, always good to hear your perspective and we'll see you next time here in new york. come to the cold with the rest of us. >> you come to alice california. >> i'm there next week. see you. there has been a devastating natural disaster in indonesia. rescue crews looking for any survivors after a landslide
3:38 pm
wiped out an entire village on gentleman have a. at least 18 --java. that area experienced dos of land slides this week because of seasonal rains and high tides. riding a we have to sainthood, the vatican gives its blessing to start down that road for brazil's so-called surfing angel. also house minority leader nancy pelosi standing up to the president for his deal on relaxing wall street regulations. didn't win. but does that signal a new split in the democratic party? >> i was so really heartbroken. i don't think i've ever said that word on the floor of the house. heart broken to see the taint that was placed on this valuable appropriations bill from on high s
3:39 pm
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3:41 pm
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
from surf boards to sainthood, the vatican giving its permission to begin the process of beatification for guido schaefer. he was 34 when he drowned while surfing in rio, a few months before realizing his dream to become a priest. schaefer was known as the surfer angel, born in a wealthy family, he dedicated his life to helping the sick and the poor and promoting surfing within the church. how about that? there has been some stinging criticism from house minority leader nancy pelosi as she bucked the white house. she said she was heartbroken over president obama's support of those big bank measures in the government spending bill. white house press secretary josh earnest says there is a policy difference, but that will not damage the relationship between the two. >> we'll just say that the president has always had not just a good working relationship, but an open mind of communication with leader pelosi and that didn't change
3:44 pm
yesterday and it's not going to change in the future. >> so does nancy pelosi feel the same way? what does it mean when two of our nation's top democrats disagree? susan susan estridge is fox's contributor. welcome. as you just heard, the white house says there is no rift, but they're -- at least on this issue, there was a rift. does that spell trouble fort president's last two years in office with his own party? >> you get this little pumpkin pie here. you had the big pumpkin pie, but when we're down to the piece that obama and pelosi are fighting about, you know, we're down to a sliver in the pie. and pelosi, i think probably rightly, called the president on the give away, as some are describing it, kind of accurately. i think it's important for her
3:45 pm
to give notice to him that over the coming years, she is going to be watching, but it's a sort of sad commentary at the end of the thanksgiving meal when all that's left for the big relatives to fight about are those two pieces of crumbly pie at the end. and it does look a bit like that. >> let's look at what the two big relatives in the democratic party said. miss pelosi, also on the house floor when she spoke said this. quote, enormously disappointed that the white house feels the only way they can get a bill is to go along with it. the white house fires back, the president's respect and affection for pelosi and that said, it's clear we have a difference of opinion here. but you know, susan, it's not just susan ferrechio. you've -- nancy pelosi, more of the liberal wing have been energized by what happened in november. >> you got nothing else to do.
3:46 pm
imagine -- i've been there. imagine you're a liberal democrat right now. you don't control the senate. you don't control the house. you don't control the presidency. what the heck are you supposed to do when you get up every morning? and the only thing you can do, quite frankly, is make trouble. and most of the trouble you're going to make, unfortunately, or fortunately, is trouble for your own party. so i think it's a bit of a circus. it's not just nancy pelosi. i think elisabeth warren is right to say when i get up in the morning, if i see the financial regulations bill being gutted, i'm going to have to stand there and say something, even if obama is the target. so by the time we get to the christmas party a year from now, the list may be very small. >> when you say that list is getting small, do you see this increasing or do you see a sense of the next two years that you've got a big group of people moving to the liberal wing of the democratic party as this continues?
3:47 pm
>> no. i think unfortunately -- i love to see a great influx. i think what you're going to see is in fighting within the liberal side of the democratic party. a tough time by harry reid and others to keep their troops in line and the sense by the president absolutely no doubt and his advisors that they're being betrayed by their friends like nancy pelosi when they're doing their best they can to get a bill through. so no, i don't think the party will get big and boisterous. i think it will get small and bitter. >> finally, hillary. how does it affect her? >> doesn't. isn't this the frommest game you could ever play in your life? i'd like to come up with this board game where i'm the piece that doesn't get hurt by any of this. stay in the palace. go give another speech for $250,000. fine, give another one. she's out of it. she couldn't be in any better
3:48 pm
shape. >> all right. hilly couldn't be in any better shape. susan estridge, thank you as always for your analysis. >> thank you. you can always -- susan has a scantedded column that's in newspapers across the countries. you can read it every wednesday and friday. arthel? there are a lot of snacks claiming to be healthier versions of the old favorites. but are they really good for you? "consumer reports" is here, why they say you might want to think about it before you just eat it. ♪ ♪
3:49 pm
is a really big deal.u with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. and call your doctor right away. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures,
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confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. ask your doctor about tamiflu and attack the flu virus at its source.
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i was thinking about htaking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks.
3:52 pm
sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. you know, snacks that claim to be healthy for you are hitting store shelves in the country. just because it is healthy doesn't mean it is good for you. sue periis for shop smart magazine. >> good to see you. and what are you looking for? >> just like what eric said
3:53 pm
things that are new to the shelves. and we want to know, are they any good and what are the ingredients and are they better than what is out there. we looked at pirates goodies and cheesy snacks that they make. i was curious about the macand cheese. no artificial ingredients. and made with organic pasta and real cheese and claim that it is the richest creamiest snack and cheese this side the equader. and we pitted it against the other. it is no treasure. bottom lone. >> you want macand chose. this had a watery saws and mild
3:54 pm
processed cheese mp$yflavor. and it is $0.60 more for serving than the kraft. >> cheerios. this is proteen? >> you know there are 15 different cheeros out there. this is a relatively new product and makes it seem like it is nutritional and has 11 grams of protein with milk. four grams of fiber and really good and 200 calories and not bad. and we put it against a similar serving of regular cheerios and the regular is a better nutritional deal. it has more fiber and less sugar and 14 teaspoons per serving. >> we love honey nut cheerios.
3:55 pm
go with it. and i am just saying if you want a protein break fast go with an egg. >> i am a lucky charm's man. >> this is oscar mayer portable protone packs. this is heavily advertise it. this is for the fitness buff. high protein snack. 13- 14 grams in the package. preportioned reduced fat cheese and nuts and chucks of meat. >> what if you put peanuts and >> exactly right. only oat it if you like salty rubbiery meat. this cost 1.79. you can make it yourself for $0.80. >> unsalt the peanuts and put
3:56 pm
cranberries in. >> this is new from stony field. it is not yogurt. it is a fresh cheese and it is for people who don't like the tanning of yogurt. it is nice and sweet and creamy and doesn't have the cultures that you don't get that in there. if i like yogurt. >> it is goes. and same amount of calsium and protein. good. >> thank you. i like those. >> save that? >> that's it for us. julie bandaras is next with the fox report. canned passed this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years.
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humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work
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>> agreeing on a temporary spending bill to avert a possible government spending bill. the clock was ticking on a previous stop gap measure set to expire tonight. congress sending president obama a short- term bill to fund the government through wednesday. through wednesday. and the senate buying law makers time as they battle for a 1.1 trillion spending bill package. president obama's 11th hour push. it is a highly divisive


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